The Proposal

Erickson Senior Living has an earned reputation around the country as a good neighbor. As part of its CEF-M (Community Enhancement Floating – Mixed) zoning proposal, we wanted to use our enhancement requirement to solve challenges and desires prioritized by the community. Over the past three years, Erickson Senior Living has held more than 50 community meetings with the local River Hill and Clarksville communities to determine what enhancements are most important to the people who live and work in the area.

As the operator and end-user of the project, Erickson Senior Living wants to ensure that the proposed enhancements are reflective of this significant community input. As a result, the proposed enhancements fall within four categories: (1) transportation improvements, (2) pedestrian connections, (3) meeting space, and (4) an intergenerational park.

The Zoning Process

Our hearing with the Howard County Zoning Board will continue on June 9th, 2021. To ensure the safety of everyone participating in the zoning process, the hearing will take place virtually using Webex. We will update you as new information becomes available on how you can participate and support the project.

Please visit to register in advance of the upcoming Webex hearing. Only those individuals who would like to testify are required to register and set up an account with Webex. To simply watch the proceedings, you do not need to use Webex.

We anticipate the hearing will go several hours each evening. In fact, the hearing will most likely require multiple days. Our team will continue to let you know when we are provided information regarding these additional dates and times. Thank you again for all the support and energy you have shown our project. We are excited to present our application because we know how important local continuing care services are to our supporters and the residents of Howard County.

Proposed Location

Erickson Living at Limestone Valley Location

Development Concept Plan

The design team will continue to refine proposed concept plan(s) for Erickson Senior Living at Limestone Valley based upon requirements and feedback from the State, County and community during this process. The image shown below is the latest proposed concept plan(s) for Erickson Senior Living at Limestone Valley.

The development plan for the Erickson Senior Living at Limestone Valley site gets updated based on community input along with county requirements. Therefore, the latest changes are included below, and will continue to be updated as the plan for this project evolves.

Download the development concept plan our Erickson Senior Living team submitted on July 28th, 2017.
You can also download the petition to amend the general plan our Erickson Senior Living team submitted on September 19th, 2017.

Download the Development Concept Plan
Download the Petition to Amend the General Plan

Community Enhancements

The Clarksville community has expressed a desire for a community gathering place along the Route 108 corridor. Erickson Senior Living has adjusted their development plan to include a 5-acre park along the frontage of the property. The Erickson Senior Living team worked closely with the local community to determine what amenities are most important in this park. The current park plan is reflective of the community’s desires.

Intergenerational Park

The Clarksville community has expressed a desire to have space available within the proposed Erickson Senior Living at Limestone Valley community to have meetings/congregate. Erickson Senior Living has proposed making its Welcome Center available for meetings by reservation for the larger Clarksville community when not in use by the sales and marketing team.

Pedestrian Connections

The Route 108 corridor currently lacks sidewalks that connect to businesses and other destinations. The community expressed a strong desire to connect the residential areas of River Hill and Clearview to the commercial core located between Linden Linthicum Lane and Great Star Drive. As a result, Erickson Senior Living is proposing multi-use pathways (pending right-of-way availability) from Meadow Vista Way to Great Star Drive in alignment with the Clarksville Streetscape Design Guidelines.

Limestone Site Location Closeup

Transportation Improvements

Traffic concerns within this area of Clarksville Pike is the number one issue we heard when meeting with the community. In order to address this challenge, Erickson Senior Living is proposing a comprehensive strategy to improve the traffic conditions along this corridor, including but not limited to: a signalized intersection at Linden Linthicum Lane, realignment of Sheppard Lane, and expanding Route 108 from two lanes to five in front of the community.

Additional Traffic Improvements Information

View the Complete Traffic Study

Issue # 1: Business traffic and congestion on Clarksville Pike

The current Clarksville Pike configuration results in a lot of business traffic and congestion, which would become further problematic in the future. Therefore, our plan is to provide an alternate and safer access to Clarksville Pike via a proposed Linden-Linthicum Lane intersection.

Current IssueCurrent Issue

Issue # 2: Traffic delays at Linden-Linthicum Lane

The intersection of Linden-Linthicum Lane and Clarksville Pike results in a lot of traffic delays and backups, which are already an issue for the area. Therefore, our plan is to fund and install a traffic signal to better control the flow of traffic.

Current IssueCurrent Issue

Issue # 3: Inadequate left turn lane length to enter Sheppard Lane

The length of the left turn lane along Clarksville Pike entering Sheppard Lane creates a bottleneck eastbound on Clarksville Pike, causing backups and delays, especially during peak traffic times. Therefore, our plan is to widen Clarksville Pike along the frontage to create a continuous dedicated left turn lane at Sheppard Lane.

Current IssueCurrent Issue

Issue # 4: Sheppard Lane intersection

The Sheppard Lane intersection along Clarksville Pike is another concern for area residents. Therefore, our plan is realign intersection to Clarksville Pike per SHA/County criteria, and add dedicated left and right turn lanes to alleviate congestion and traffic flow.

Current IssueCurrent Issue

Commitment to Sustainability

The Limestone Valley site takes into account sustainable design and construction methods. Our Erickson Senior Living team is working with Live Green Howard County to implement the best in sustainable design and operation practices. These include the following:

Sustainable Design & Construction

  • Storm Water Runoff Bio-Retention
  • Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Systems
  • LED Lighting
  • Low VOC Carpet & Paint
Limestone Valley Clarksville Character

Community Letters of Support

Steve Snelgrove

President, Howard County General Hospital

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Jim Robey

Former Howard County Executive

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Monsignor Joseph L. Luca

Pastor, St. Louis Church

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